Doug Fraser

Company Auctioneer

Doug Fraser joined the Real Estate profession in 1978 after having 10 years experience in the banking industry.

Having been the Director of the Company for 39 years, since its inception in 1981, Doug now focuses his expertise towards the role of Company Auctioneer.

Doug is a member of the Multi Million Dollar Chapter of the LJ Hooker Captains Club, an LJ Hooker Admiral, and is also a fully licensed Real Estate and Business Agent, licensed Auctioneer, and a Commissioner for Oaths. He was the 2004/05 LJ Hooker Franchise Owner of the year and was inducted into the LJ Hooker Hall of Fame in 2015.

Doug is an integral and valued member of the team and provides a wealth of knowledge, experience and mentorship to the Alice Springs office.

  • 21 Club
    21 Club
  • Life Admiral
    Life Admiral

My Awards

  • Annual SA/NT - Business Owner of the Year (Finalist) - Aug 2018
  • Life Admiral - Jul 2017
  • Hall Of Fame - Aug 2015
  • Annual SA/NT - Business Owner of the Year (Finalist) - Jun 2010
  • Annual SA/NT - Business Owner of the Year (Finalist) - May 2009
  • Sir Leslie Hooker Award - Nominee - Aug 2006
  • Annual SA/NT - Business Owner Of The Year - Jun 2005
  • 21 Club - Jul 2002