Doug Fraser

Managing Director

Managing Director - Doug Fraser

Doug Fraser joined the Real Estate profession in 1978 after having 10 years experience in the banking industry. He has been a Director of the Company since its inception in 1981. Doug is a member of the Multi Million Dollar Chapter of the LJ Hooker Captains Club, an LJ Hooker Admiral, and is also a fully licensed Real Estate and Business Agent, licensed Auctioneer, and a Commissioner for Oaths. He was the 2004/05 LJ Hooker Franchise Owner of the year and was inducted into the LJ Hooker Hall of Fame in 2015.

  • 21 Club
    21 Club
  • Life Admiral
    Life Admiral

My Awards

  • Life Admiral - Jul 2017
  • Hall Of Fame - Aug 2015
  • Annual SA/NT - Business Owner of the Year (Finalist) - Jun 2010
  • Annual SA/NT - Business Owner of the Year (Finalist) - May 2009
  • Sir Leslie Hooker Award - Nominee - Aug 2006
  • Annual SA/NT - Business Owner Of The Year - Jun 2005
  • 21 Club - Jul 2002